सीएमपी पहल


1. Implementation of CMP & its objectives--

CPM has been implemented in Kendriya Vidyalaya kv beg since 2008 to cater the need  to revamp the primary education by addressing to the various dimensions suggested as Quality indicators for CPM.

Provision of the infrastructure in the school is made and the activities are carried out in the primary classes as per the guidelines envisaged in the CMP document.

The Primary teachers of our Vidyalaya are set with a missionary zeal and Endeavour to  implement all the guidelines to achieve the CMP standardization.

.One HM and one PRT from each region around the country attended the CMP Master  trainers Programme for Qualitative Improvement of the Primary Education in KVs and they will; in the next level; train other teachers  at  Regional level.

2. Adequate support system developed in the Vidyalaya--

One separate Primary Resource -cum-activity Room ;with all necessary equipments as per the guidelines envisaged in the CMP document is made.

.The Primary Resource Room is equipped DVD , LCD projector , colored TV ,2 Computers, whiteboard. A facility for internet facility is is also there.. Teachers use  download materials as well as power-point presentation which is also  reflected  in  their dairy.

An advance of Rs.5000 per month is provided to the headmistress to procure teaching  learning material (TLM) for conduction of indoor and outdoor activities and the HM ensure  that the TL M purchased or developed by the teacher is actually used in the classroom by

teachers and students and records .

There is a provision for classroom library at Primary level with a variety of books as per  the liking of the children. Fictions, educational comics, educational games/ puzzles,  children stories, children magazines, children encyclopedia etc makes a rich library.

3. Implementation & Monitoring of the Evaluation system--

I) School level—The HM caries out periodic inspection of the primary classes to assess the  effectiveness of teaching learning and is followed by discussion for suitable improvement.

Teachers are stressed to use of necessary teaching learning materials, teaching aids ,  worksheets in classroom .The Principal too visits the classrooms for the supervision.

Meetings on CMP to assess the progress of the achievements and discussion for suitable  improvement are held at regular intervals.that  is  every  Saturday except  2  Saturday.

Ii)Cluster level –Kendriya Vidyalaya, beg with other 8 Kvs is under pune2  cluster. There is a cluster level meeting where the HMs (& the venue Principal) of  8 schools sit together to assess the progress of the achievements of the learners and other  Activities of the Vidyalaya.Our reports and checklists are being submitted for perusal and

monitoring at regional level.

4. Child friendly curriculum & timetable—

Our school has 3 sections with 21 teachers, 1 computer teacher, and HM. Approx student-teacher ratio is 45:1.Each teacher is allotted with 33 periods.

For each subject at the Primary level two block periods is allotted once in a week .There  are 2 teacher system in class I & II and 3 teachers in class III and IV & 4 teachers  in  class V.

Our school ensures that that the curricular meets the various developments needs  of  students including academic, social, physical and ethical values.

5. Provision of exposure to children to Nurture their talents—

At school level—Housewise CCA competition like drawing, poem recitation, storytelling, dance, singing, quiz etc is conducted .Various games and  sports  activities  are  also  organized.

An exhibition on models prepared from waste materials was organized by the primary  students.

Our Vidyalaya celebrates Grand –Parents Day for students in Primary section.

A Community lunch is organized to develop the attitude of caring/sharing  & to  expose  children to diverse food habits of regions and states.

Educational Film shows are also are shown to the children in a cycle of 15 days.   Contributions by the primary students was sent. for the publication of     News letters cluster  2

6. Provision of inspired learning environment to children—

The school ensures a safe secure learning environment .For this necessary learning  materials, aids , equipments and space for doing together working together ,playing is  provided. A child-centered learning approach  is  adopted  where  the teacher attempts to

provide learning situation that gives children to observe, explore and develop  understanding  of  various  concepts  and  this minimizes  Rote learning. To create an   atmosphere for child inspired learning the practices  lik e corporal  punishment  and discriminations are avoided .Issues like  adequate  ventilation, adequate illumination,

adequate drinking water, cleanliness are considered well to provide inspired learning    environment   to  children.

There is also a yearly health checkup facility done for the students. The health checkup   reports   are also informed to those guardians whose wards need some treatment of either  ENT, Eyes or dental etc.

Parents teachers meeting are organized at regular intervals.

Innovative project undertaken by Our Vidyalaya

Our Students of class V ;under the guidance of hindi teacher Mrs. indu;is  working on  the  project  which is an exemplary project based learning  connecting   textbook  knowledge  to  outside  life  as required in NCF 2005.

An exhibition on models prepared from waste materials was organized by the primary students to REDUCE & REUSE wastes.

……………..We keep our sincere efforts on………. It is hoped that KVbeg  leads   towards    glory .